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How Much Do The Average Durban Wedding Photographers Charge?


Weddings bring along a number of expenses such as hiring a qualified wedding photographer.

For those hosting a wedding in the heart of Durban, it’s time to look at what a wedding photographer is going to charge. This information is important before determining which photographer is best for your needs.




Let’s begin with amateur wedding photographers in Durban and how much they charge.

An amateur is someone that has just started on their own or does this on the side. They won’t have the high-end equipment as professionals do but they can still get the job done.

These professionals tend to settle around R3000-R5000.

It’s important to note this is the bare minimum when it comes to taking photos and that has to be understood immediately. There’s a reason they will be charging such a low amount for the wedding photos. For those on a tighter budget, this makes sense and often becomes the way to go.


Experienced Photographers


This is the “in-between” option that a lot of couples settle for when it comes to their wedding day. These photographers are professionals that have been in the business for years and have grown it into a small business. They have quality equipment, unique techniques, and experience in the Durban area.

The cost for this subset of wedding photographers tends to settle around R10,000-R15,000.

They will generally come in with a set of packages and it’s best to choose the one that fits nicely with your budget. These photographers are a good option and do offer respectable quality.


State-of-the-Art Companies


The last category would be the top-tier photography companies in Durban. These are companies that have been in the business for generations and charge top rates for their services.

In general, the average among these companies tends to settle around R25000.

The company charges based on a long list of services that are offered during the wedding. This includes the use of high-end equipment that is only available to these companies due to the capital they’ve invested in their business.


Final Thoughts


The goal should remain to analyze each option and sit down with various photographers before making a decision. Whether it’s an amateur or a top-tier photography company, the goal is to find a good fit.

The average Durban wedding photographer is going to remain within these listed costs and will offer a long list of packages based on what’s required on your end.



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